I. The first time I was ever called fat I was in first grade, I sat by a boy in class who started laughing at me when I got out my snack. I asked him, “what’s so funny?” with a smile on my face, waiting for a joke in reply. He said, “it’s funny because you’re fat, and eating that..” I felt like my bones were heavier than ever before, I felt my confidence shatter at seven years old, before I even knew what confidence was.

II. When I was eight, it was the first time I weighed myself on occasion I stopped wearing skirts, tank tops, shorts, and started hiding myself in sweatshirts, jeans, and sweaters.

III. I was nine when I got my first bra, my mama told my I was maturing faster than the other girls. I thought to myself, “maybe that’s why I am a little curvier than my best friend, or taller than most boys in my class..”

IV. At ten years old, I couldn’t stand to even look at myself in the mirror before I went to school. It was the first time I finally let it out, “Mom, why am I so FAT?” She looked at me with saddened eyes, “it’s just baby fat, you’re young, it will go away when you hit maturity.”

V. I was eleven when I got my cycle, I was scared, insecure, but the first thought that came into my mind was when my grandma told me how most girls “lose weight when they start their period.”
I didn’t.

VI. At twelve years old I had my first real crush, my friend convinced me to talk to him. I couldn’t find the courage, so without hesitation she went up to him and asked him if he liked me. He looked at his friends, then at me, and shook his head as they laughed, “that pig? no!” I cried all night long.

VII. When I was thirteen I grew three inches, and my waist went in, my hips came out, and I had curves but I didn’t like them… All the other girls at my school were long, and skinny. They didn’t have thighs that touched a little in the middle, they didn’t have wide hips like I did…

VIII. At fourteen I told my best friend about the girl I was sure I was in “love with.” She looked at me, with a smirk, almost laughing between her lips, “He probably wouldn’t like you anyway, I mean you’re kinda chubby. No offense, I am too.” Said the girl who wore size zero pants and extra small shirts.

IX. At fifteen, it was the first time I came across something called “pro ana” and “thinspiration.” It was officially when I lost it, no, not the weight, myself.

X. Sixteen, I had a reality check.

XI. Seventeen years old now, I am trying to love myself. I am trying but it’s so god damn hard. I am not skinny, or thin, or tall like a model, although there are times I wish I was… But I am trying to love myself, for the person I am inside. Not the shell that holds my beautiful soul, because without that soul, without that person inside this shell, it wouldn’t mean a damn thing.

i.c. //I used to hate myself so much but now I’m starting to realize that I am wonderful and that maybe I deserve a little self love.” (via delicatepoetry)

almost all the same things happened to me…it’s kind of scary, are we twins? lol any who I just want to say thanks for making this post as it’s really relevant to me right now. You are doing the right thing dear. Love yourself. That’s the most powerful thing you could ever do for yourself. I myself am trying to love myself as well. It’s not easy I know that for sure, but we have to try for ourselves. So we can heal. For the first time in my 17 years of life, I am going to try to love my body and myself.

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